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NAOMI started to annoy me and there wasn't any good progress with Dreamcast either so I decided to do something else for a while. If you're wondering, yes, this will be available for download when it's a bit more polished.

BTW people, if you send me a message via LiveJournal and you expect an answer, make sure your account privacy settings will actually allow me to do so.

UPDATE: And so here it is. Be sure to go through the ReadMe file!
Unfortunately it turned out that VMS is a bit of a CPU hog, too much for the poor ARM9. In the end it's just another random piece of semi-useful homebrew :) Hard to say what exactly is the limiting factor here, I'm too lazy to do any serious profiling, but seeing how it's almost working I'd say some more MHz and/or cache would do the trick.
Tags: nds, vms
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