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Cruise Speed 
7th-Apr-2009 03:53 pm
Well, not really much to say but I figured a status update would be nice :)

Yuki dumped more GDs and again I find myself so behind with testing... It simply never ceases to amaze me just how many games were released for Dreamcast in Japan. Sadly, only for that very region, never to be translated and sold worldwide. It's true that so called dating sims are not very popular anywhere else but you can't go wrong with titles like Happy Breeding.
Asked about it Yuki decided to be somewhat cryptic and replied "Game that does love as girls".

This was supposed to wait 'till the next release but quite frankly, with things as they are now, I'm not sure when exactly that will be. So I'm happy to annouce that I got some help from TOSEC project guys (okay, Maddog mostly) and in future Makaron will recognize all TOSEC GDI dumps for the purpose of having per-game settings.
It's really great that projects like these exist. It'd be pretty much impossible for me to get my hands on so many games - because secondhand or not, I simply can't afford to buy all those GDs myself.

The VMU emulator is now moving to the final pre-release phase. This is how it will look like:

And this just in, Alex gave me heads up on his new blog page.
Not only he dumped a cart game, he got it working with Makaron too :)

It's really nice to see that people find Makaron useful, especially that there are other emulators out there as well. With GUI and all :P
14th-Apr-2009 04:17 am (UTC)
Great emulator, Deunan! It's really running well on pretty well all games that I test out; fast, reliable, cant' ask for much more (besides an aspect ratio fix of course, but I won't beat that dead horse any more).

One thing I have noticed though: in Resident Evil Code Veronica, a number of polygons seem to simply disappear... it mostly happens when there's something like a light through a window interacting with a zombie or a "bloody" polygon that overlaps another. Notably, right at the beginning, parts of Rodrigo's arm (where it is bloody) are invisible and then a few minutes later, when the corpse that gets pulled under the house, its face is just not there! It seems to be something to do with the way the alpha masking works. The light or blood textures that would usually fade or be transparent is actually making everything underneath it transparent as well.

I'm not sure if you have identified this one, so I thought I'd point it out.

Otherwise, thanks again for a great app!

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