February 23rd, 2014

The Last of the Prototypes

Well, actually this is a test model. Though it was born as v4 prototype, it ended up working so well that I've bumped its status - kinda like with Evangelions #00 and #01 :)

2014-02-22 GDEMU_v4_1

And these two photos are courtesy of one of the testers:

2014-02-22 GDEMU_v4_2

2014-02-22 GDEMU_v4_3

So, in short: Does it work? It does, no problems so far. With proper CD Audio support and all that . Will I be selling it? Probably not because it's hand made and bloody expensive. Then again, I could use some extra money so a limited run is possible.

Also, sorry for not responding to comments and private messages but since I've first shown GDEMU PCBs I've been spammed with tons of stupid questions. I have neither time nor patience to answer those, so basically I now ignore the inbox.