October 31st, 2009

I belive I can fly

Presenting Airline Pilots. Strangely enough Makaron seems able to run both single and multi-monitor version just fine. I havent tried the dedicated BIOS though, it's possible it would try to establish multi-board sync (just like the F355 one) and hang on that.

The framedrop is due to heavy debug output, game should work full speed.

UPDATE: More games.

I heard SEGA Tetris is pretty nice game but it sure doesn't look like much:

Samba de Amigo 2000 - yeah, I'm usually running JP BIOS dumped from my box so this is why most of you can't read the title :P

Still working on few other games, I'm seriously hoping this is the last batch for now or the next Makaron update will be in 2010...