October 14th, 2009

Patience challenge

Busy with the whole cart dumping thing I've been neglecting Makaron lately. Well, there's only so much one man can do. When other people got interested in the cart dumping trojan, I was happy. I hoped to just pass the baton and finally have some more time for coding. Little did I know it's going to be exactly the opposite...

For some reason all the "easy" games have already been covered and the remaining ones present all sorts of problems. Take Mushiking for example.

Step one. Not only a bad dump, it doesn't even show the ROMs properly.

Fortunately I pretty much already knew what was the cause, thanks to prior work done on Oh! My Goddess. Step two:

Okay, not sure what goes on here but there is a way to dump this game. Step three:

Yup, this is how it looks like on real hardware:

And yet... no joy so far.

This is hard work, I tell you.
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