September 1st, 2009

Dual In-Line Memory Module

More goodies arrived a few days ago, thanks to Robero Malone. Being cheap I decided not to buy a ZIF socket and ended up desoldering and resoldering the firmware FLASH twice. Did I ever mention how much I hate TSOPs? The end result was worth it though:

In other news, a friend of mine visited recently and brought Nintendo DS with him. And now I want to buy one even more... pray that I don't :)

UPDATE: Thanks to ANY, who shared some crucial piece of information with me, I present these photos. Sorry for quality, LCD vs daylight problems, not to mention these games hardly have any static screens :)

Oh, by the way, don't insert the PIC key wrong. It'll get hot. VERY HOT. Even though I was careful not to make that mistake it still happened (mostly because I inadvertedly rotated the chip when I assembled the holder - so for the final version I didn't use the holder at all). Luckily both DIMM and PIC survived :P

Who needs emulators when you can run any game you want on NAOMI2 box? :)

UPDATE 2: This game I got from Yuki looong time ago, before I even got Makaron to emulate NAOMI. Now at least I can run it to see how it looks like :)

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