July 30th, 2009

Same old, same old

Dreamcast side of Makaron is now available for download.

It's pretty much the same code as NAOMI version released earlier, with some minor modifications. From the top of my head:
- "clockmin" is now 100 by default
- accepted clock values are now in 10 to 400 range
- "pixelcenter" is zero by default (ATI users with problems please set it to -0.1)
- first gamepad can be configured by selecting "Settings" in the menu (this is just a hack for now, and let me remind you that X360 controllers don't need configuration)

As usual, keep copy of of your INI files from earlier versions (Maple.ini, MakaronPAD.ini and MakaronVMU.ini). You'd be surprised just how many people overwrite these and then come here complaining about gamepad / memory cards related issues.
These INI files will be removed soon anyway, once I get the GUI more functional.

If you spot a game that has worked in T11 but not in T12 please report it. There are some bugs that I'm already aware of:
- "Stupid Invaders" not booting (I know how to fix it just not sure if I should, it could be a side effect of another bug somewhere else)
- "Looney Tunes Space Race" sound issues (still need to find the real source of this problem)
- "Shenmue II" not booting (should work on SSE2 capable systems, works on mine but it was reported broken on some AMD CPUs)
- some games require a certain video cable to work properly (mostly JP/USA games, doing weird stuff or hanging with RGB cable)
- "Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol. 1" (sorta works but the way this is coded really upsets Makaron)
- some WinCE games like "Marionette Company" have really broken graphics (mostly extreme cases of Z-buffer abuse)
- demo/attract modes on some games are broken due to imperfect FPU emulation, the most serious case being "Aero Dancing" where the tutorial crashes the plane
- and tons of other stuff :)

Please do not report any problems with broken visuals. While some of those could be real bugs it's mostly imperfect Z-buffering and/or sorting - nothing can be done about that with the renderer I'm currently using.
Also, if you're going to report a bug then please either do it properly or don't bother. At the very least describe the problem and provide game title and your system specs. And keep in mind I only care about games run from GD images, if you have a problem with ripped game you're on your own.
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