July 14th, 2009

Plane equations and other assorted fun stuff

All the news lately are about NAOMI progress but that doesn't mean I'm not working on the Dreamcast side of Makaron as well.

Screens below came from Twinkle Star Sprites which is broken on all (*) current Dreamcast emulators. Thanks go to Billy who tested the new version on several ATI cards and also submitted a few bug reports. As you can see I fixed the visual bug, and also another one that crashed SH4 recompiler.

(*) EDIT: The ones I have and tested anyway :)

Makaron 2009-07-14 Twinkle Star Sprites #1Makaron 2009-07-14 Twinkle Star Sprites #2

Oh and as a side effect of DMA and Maple changes GameShark now works too. Haven't actually used it but at least it boots :)

Makaron 2009-07-14 Game Shark #1Makaron 2009-07-14 Game Shark #2
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