June 15th, 2009

Peek & Poke

I was waiting with blog update for some good news - but those will be delayed so I guess I will do another boring status update.

New Makaron version not ready yet. I know, I promised a release some time ago but there is little point in fixing bugs in what is essentially a broken design.
The test versions released so far were only supposed to tell me what works and what does not. Now that I know more about what I really want and how, I will need to re-write some parts of the emulator. This takes time and is often boring since I have to break things first and make them work again...

In the meantime I've run some tests on my new NAOMI2 box. Suffice to say I can dump cart games now without having to desolder anything, and that also includes the secure FLASH which stores the serial number. This method has not yet been extensively tested (only one game dumped) so hold the champagne :)
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