January 31st, 2009

500 - Too Busy

I'm busy. If you want a more detailed explanation you will have to come up with something on your own :)

Work on Makaron is progressing, albeit somewhat slowly these days.
Most noteworthy bug squashed lately: Skies of Arcadia and getting stuck in narrow places - should not happen (so often?) anymore. Finally got around to fix FLASH erasing commands as well, this should make BIOS boot games even if you fail to set the clock properly. For those less fortunate who find Dreamcast BIOS menu just too confusing.

Today I bring you another input plugin - this one is meant only for X360 controllers and uses/requires XInput. Unlike DirectInput (broken by design by Microsoft), XInput allows both triggers to be independent and have full range readout.

Download it here.

No support for hot-plugging - basically you need all controllers (that you wish to use) have their respective IDs assigned before you launch Makaron.
There is no setup or configuration of any kind. All you need to do is put X360PAD.dll in "Wtyczki" folder and edit Maple.ini to use it instead of MakaronPAD.dll.
Controls are mapped to follow original Dreamcast layout. BACK, LB, RB, right analog stick and buttons under the sticks are simply ignored. Triggers and analogs have suggested deadzones - tell me if it's too much (especially triggers).

Since I have no control over how Windows will assign the IDs, I made it like this: the first port in Maple.ini to be assigned the X360 plugin will use first available controller. And so on - in theory, not tested with wireless or multiple devices :)

No force feedback yet. If you've used FF before with another controller you might want to switch back to double-VMU configuration for now.

By the way, one of the features I'd like to have next is the ability to map unused controller buttons to specific emulator functions - like pause on BACK and stuff like that. If you have any other ideas, tell me.
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