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20th-Feb-2012 12:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Dumping
Any data returned as sectors is already cooked by the drive. You just bypass one layer of processing, is all. You do realize that audio tracks have no sectors, right? The stream is partitioned into smaller chunks so it can be read by PC, but where exactly these chunks start/end is down to the drive hardware/firmware. And this is what causes the offset to be different on each CD-ROM drive.

Also, thanks to how CIRC encoder works the offset between Q sub and data sector address might not be constant for the whole disc. But yes, this is not the main issue here, I just wanted to point out that any dump format based on tracks/sectors can never be free of these problems, not to mention copy protection systems.

EU laws state that any device capable of bypassing a functional copy protection mechanism is illegal, both creation and possession. And by "device" it also means software soulutions. It doesn't really matter if the system in question was made with bypassing protection in mind, it's the end result that counts. It's even possible to block scientific papers from being published or even discussed - that has happened.
In US the recent rulings have allowed some more freedom but that's pretty much just for cell phones and personal use. It's not very hard to argue that publicly available emulator is not really "personal" anymore.

As for the EULA, the GPL allows you to even sell the software, there is no violation here. It's not nice of KEEP to use the software like that but they are not breaking any laws or terms. However, for an organization that claims to bring one, true uber-emulator for all possible gaming systems it's really silly to use existing emulators and at the same time claim these must be replaced. All they have shown is that emulation is the key to preserving old games - and we kinda knew that for years now. If I knew I could get 3M for saying obvious things I'd sure sign up.
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